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Lady Blodwen the Mother of Gruffyls

Lady Blodwen ap Gruffyl (a.k.a. the Mother of Gruffyls)

Lady Blodwen, named for her grandmother the squib Blodwen ap Gruffyl is the oldest living sorcress of the Gruffyl surname.   At age 92, she needs periodic magical Purification periodically to simply function. She is in very poor health and is not likely to see more than a year or two, but she has lots of family to dote on her and Rohdri pays for her to have the best possible care.   She was a sort of jack of all trades in her younger days, both with her mundane magic skills and spellcasting, but she mostly served her house by bearing children. She had ten children and two sets of twins. Seven of her children had sorcery.   Her twins are ALMOST identical but their eyes colors are flipped on each other.   1763 (female squib)   Nesta 1765 (sorceress)   Nye 1769(sorcerer) (heterochromia)   Bran 1769 (sorcerer)   Briallen 1772 (sorceress)   Lunet 1774 (sorceress) (heterochromia)   Heulwen 1774 (sorceress) (heterochromia)   1777 (female squib) (heterochromia)   Taran 1781 (Sorcerer)   1785 (male squib)  
Year of Birth
1745 CE 93 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Hallisan's Zodiac Year and Month
green: one draconic, one human

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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