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Old Swynfaredia Region

Old Swynfaredia represents the original territory of Swynfaredia when it was first founded.   This the heartland of Sywnfaredia represented Swynfaredia's mostly densely populated region and represented its oldest buildings and institutions.   Once it held the four founding duchies of the founding houses. Now it holds five duchies serving as major seats of power in order of richest realm to poorest realm: House Numaness, House Gorisonad, Aerona ap Fremiss A, House Gareth, and House Kovenoth,


The region is administratively split into five duchies each administered by a duke or duchess. The duchies are then aportioned into counties.   Duchy of Greater Numaness with four counties   Duchy of Greater Kovenoth with three counties   Duchy of Greater Gorisonad with four counties   Duchy of Greater Fremiss with three counties   Duchy of Gareth (they haven't earned a "Greater" yet) with three counties   It is normal for high ranking nobles to hold multiple title. The Queen of Swynfaredia is also the Duchess of Greater Numaness and the Countess of Greater Numaness' richest province.


The region is dotted with many large and powerful magically augmented castles.   The towns and cities have strong walls warded against various hostile spells.   Reserves of ordinary and magical troops can be signalled and directed very quickly.   There are ample watch towers where invokers can send widely seen flares day or night, with Conjurers to send carried message, and even flying Transmuters all with very organized means of communication.

Industry & Trade

The region has rich farmland but due to the large population, no real agricultural surplus to speak of besides some high end wineries that export their vintages as luxury goods.   The region does not produce enough timber or reagents to meet domestic demand. The region has to import many things to meet their basic needs.   This region has the highest concentration of skilled tradesmen and magical item crafters in all of Swynfaredia. Finely produced high end goods is their true export.


Given the near ancient history of the region, the dragon's share of the great houses heirloom magical items are here.


Old Swynfaredia represents the original territory where the four founders Fremiss the Vibrant, Gorisonad the Wise, Numaness the Mystic, and Kovenoth the Builder established Swynfaredia almost nine hundred years ago.   As Swynfaredia expanded, so did the population and infrastructure of Old Swynfaredia. Swynfaredia's capital and the headquarters of most major institutions are here.   Originally a large duchy was set up for all four the founding houses, gerrymandered so every duchy could have roughly similar access to reagents, water, timber, and mines (the latter are mostly spent now).   After the First Swynfaredian Civil War, a fifth Duchy was established and given to House Gareth taking a tiny bit of land from the king's demense and not so tiny bit of land from people who backed the losing side of the war.

Points of interest

The site has many old and well maintained castles dating back centuries. Many sites where the Founders met and took noteworthy actions have become neo-religious sites that some dragonblooded nobles make pilgramages to.   The area is densely popuated, it is not hard to find lodging or specialized services in this region though prices are a but higher here than elsewhere.


Ancient draconic buildings had a tendency to build their buildings up rather than out, and Swynfaredians, especially traditionalist Swynfaredians like to try to emulate the ancient dragons where ever they can.   Dragon imagery is omnipresent, showing up in statues, mosaics, tapestries, murals and more.   Also, buildings are built up here because space is at a premium.


The geography is dominated by flat or gently rolling plains. There are a few hills and small woods here and there. The region is dotted with many small lakes and rivers.


Temperate with relatively mild winters.

Natural Resources

With fertile soil and ample water, the region is a veritable breadbasket of rich cropland.   The region produces timber and reagent producing land, but not enough to the demand of it's large population.
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