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Numaness the Mystic

In Scarterra, dragons that focus on their mystic power more than their physical might or mental acuity tend to be shiny, so Numaness was very shiny. Her scales were a deep purple. She was a little bit stockier than Gorisonad, but still on the long and lanky side and had a crownlike frill on her head.   House Numaness is very proud of this crownlike frill. Coincidently or not, a disproportionately high number of Sywnfaredia's kings and queens bore the Numaness surname.   Numaness was only the female dragon among the Founders. She had fewer half-dragon children than the all males, if only because carrying half-human children is time consuming and irksome. She had four half-dragon sons and two daughters.   Numaness was the only monogamous one among the four founding dragons. All of her children were sired by her husband Maddock.  Their children were born between 910 and 945.   She left Swynfaredia and never returned in 1030 along with the other founding dragons.  


Numaness the Mystic


Towards Maddock the human

Maddock the human


Towards Numaness the Mystic

471 CE 1030 CE 559 years old

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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