Duchy of Greater Numaness

The Duchy of Greater Numaness is the original province established for House Numaness by the founding dragons. Like the other founding realms, the realm was gerrymandered because of political compromises over resources, but as the de facto royal seat, Greater Numaness did not have compromise as much as the other ancestral duchies of Sywnfaredia.


On paper, the Duchy of Greater Numaness is a vassal state of the king or queen of Swynfaredia. Currently and for most of the realm's history, the king/queen of Sywnfaredia has also been the duke/duchess of Greater Numaness.   Administratively, the realm is split into four counties, two controlled by House Numaness, one by House Gareth, and one by House Fremiss-Bryallan. All of them are more or less in the queen's pocket with few hiccups.

Industry & Trade

The realm is rich in resources and has wide and varied industries producing nearly every valuable commodity and luxury item in at least modest quantities. The realm's most important driver of economic wealth is their concentration of skilled tradesmen.   The realm has many farms for both foodstuffs and cash crops but since the realm holds one of Swynfaredia's largest cities, the realm has to import food from other provinces to feed their populace.


This has been the historical seat of political and economic power for House Numaness. As the Kingdom of Swynfaredia's power has expanded, House Numaness' power has generally kept pace.   There was an unintended side effect. House Numaness doesn't have one family leader, it has two. The Queen of Swynfaredia, and the Patriarch of House Numaness. This has loosely separated House Numaness into two faction, the "Royalist" faction and the "Purist" faction.

Points of interest

Swynfaredia's single richest magic font is in this duchy.   The Royal Forest is a private hunting reserve for the royal family and their closest allies.   Swynfaredia's capital, Dinasarweinypwerau is in this Duchy.


The duchy is filled to the brim with pilgramage-worthy historical sites where the Founders did this or that.


Apart from the Royal Forest, the region is mostly flat and not very wild at all. Almost every acre is either a cultivated field or a carefully tended woodland area.


Temperate with relatively mild winters.

Natural Resources

The duchy has valuable and varied resources including but not limited to two magic fonts, the largest forest in Old Swynfaredia, and a gold mine.
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