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Dinasarweinypwerau is the official name of the capital of Kingdom of Swynfaredia and like many Swynfaredian names, is so hard to pronounce most people don't use it.   It's usually call "the Capital" or by the dramatic/draconic "The Grand Lair".   The Grand Lair is the largest capital city in West Colassia narrowly overtaking the capital of Kingdom of Uskala in terms of population, and almost twice as large as the capital of @Kantoc and the capital of Kingdom of Fumaya.


Noteworthy districts include the   The Palace District includes the sprawling Swynfaredian royal palace plus various attending buildings and connected green spaces. It is where the royal family governs the realm and enjoys luxuries. The Arcane Registry has their headquarters here (though they have many ancilliary buildings throughout the city) and the Swynfaredian Children maintain a very lavish public temple here while the local Keepers have a more spartan temple. The Urban Stewards have a modest temple adjacent to the capitals largest greenspace/garden.   The Inner Lair: Is a walled district of manor houses where most dragon bloods not in royal family live. The district is guarded heavily by men and magic.   The Dragon's Plaza: The Dragon's Plaza is between the Inner Lair and Palace District where all the high end shops, reagent brokers, restaurants, and theaters are located.   The River Plaza is near the wharf district. This is where merchants and commoners haggle over ordinary goods coming from the river barges. The city's main temple of Phidas is here which also doubles as bank, the only real bank that non-dragonbloods have access to.   The Wizard's Ghetto is where the locals have a lot of money but it doesn't look the part because the dragonbloods need the services wizards can provide but don't respect them. The local Lanterns maintain a secret temple here.   North District is where most road traffic goes in and out of the city. The plurality of the low to middle end businesses are here. The Rovers maintain a large temple here and co-operate a large hospital with the local Tenders.
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