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Kingdom of Fumaya

The lands of Fumaya are most notable for the fact that it is sandwiched between much stronger powers.


Most of the character names are based on ethnically Polish names. The noble house names are loosely based on translations from the Polish language.

Demography and Population

87% are humans , 5% are gnomes , 4% are tengku and 4% are other races.   78% farmers/fishermen 15% craftsmen/merchants 5% rangers/miners/lumberjacks 1% nobles 1% professional soldiers


See the article on Fumaya Armed Forces.


Officially, Fumaya has no patron deity. Polytheism is encouraged. The capital city has a full Nonagon with every temple represented. Most villages have a simple Nonagon of shrines.   Unofficially, Mera and Korus are the most commonly worshiped deity by the masses. Both are respected by the nobility. The Stewards maintain a bishopric in Fumaya.   Unofficially, Hallisan and Khemra are the most commonly worshiped deities by the nobility.   The king publicly gives Phidas respect on his holy days and snubs the largely ignores Phidas the rest of they year. Most of King Henryk's follow his lead on this. The Masks would love to change this but they only have any real influence on Duke Frymar   Nami has temples in the larger towns and Fumayans enthusiastically celebrate Nami's holy days but the Rovers do not wield much influence.   The Children are tolerated but not welcomed. For their part, the local Children support King Henryk largely as a bulwark against neighboring Swynfaredia.   Maylar worship is not forbidden, but during his recent coronation, the king invited representatives from every priesthood except the Testers. The Shepherds of Men are hoping to expand their influence in Fumaya but their numbers are influence are very limited. Most Testers in Fumaya are not Shepherds and they are not loyal to Henryk's government.

Agriculture & Industry

Most Fumayans are farmers. The main staple crops are rye, barley, buckwheat and potatoes.   Fumaya has a large lake from which the capital King's Lake derives it's name. The lake is rich in seafood. The lake is fed by a font of elemental water energy and a river flowing west from the mountains of Meckelorn. The lake is the source for a river which flows south through Swynfaredia into the sea.   Smaller ponds and streams are fairly common and have modest sea food resources.   Fumaya has ample timberland and the forests yield a good many reagents to those who know how to find them.   Fumaya has rich clay deposits near King's Lake which fuels a local pottery industry but King's Lake does not have a lot of ore resources.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
Fumaya's main exports ale and grain which mostly are traded with the nearby dwarves.   Fumaya occasionally exports pottery and reagents┬áto other human nations.
Major Imports
Fumaya has to import much of their ore and worked metal goods. Most of these come from the dwarves.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Related Ethnicities

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