Fumayan gnomes

Gnomes make up roughly 5% or 6% of Fumaya's total population. In a lot of ways Fumayan are not very remarkable because they cleave very heavily towards the global stereotype with an extra dose of the earthy folksiness of Fumayan humans.   Fumayan gnomes certainly skew heavily towards earthy¬†elemental ethnicity¬†   Gnomes are generally well-respected and well-liked in Fumaya. Given that Fumaya is sandwiched between larger, stronger nations with very different cultures, there is much need for gnomish diplomacy.   The king and the majority of his vassals have at least one gnome advisor in their inner circle and Fumayan gnomes are disproportionatley represented in the leadership roles in Fumaya's Nonagon.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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