Fumaya's Nonagon

Many by no means all Scarterran nations maintain Nonagons in honor of The Nine   Fumaya takes their Nonagons very seriously. Nearly every village has a modest Nonagon with a small shrine to each of the Nine.   The capital city of King's Lake has a very large Nonagon plaza used for religious gatherings and the Nonagon is encircled by nine full temples.   With the exception of the Maylar temple which is a paper tiger, and the Korus temple which is secondary to the Island of the Stewards bishoprics each of the temples in the capital's Nonagon plaza serves as the administrative head of all temples and priests in Fumaya.   The head priests or priestesses have their headquarters here and administer their subordinates nationwide from their main temples in the Nonagon plaza.   King Henryk may be a little luke warm on Maylar and Phidas, but he is a a staunch polytheist and will make a public showing of piety for all nine of the Nine, at least on their holidays. He encourages his subjects to do the same, and he will general entertain audiences from spokespeople for any priesthood with a minimum of fuss.   King Henryk's chief advisor, Jaromir, is a Keeper, so probably biases him towards Khemra, but Jaromir believes strongly in the Compact so he supports the king's endorsement of full polytheism.   The Guardians, Keepers, and Masks are all jockeying for influence over Fumaya's dukes and counts. Most dukes have a priest or at least one of these three groups in their courts.   The commoners tend to favor Mera and Korus. The countryside is dotted with many temples and shrines to them.
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