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Land of Fumaya

The nation of Fumaya is a sock shaped nation dominated by humans.   Fumaya has the misfortune of being sandwiched between several stronger nations. Fumaya's northern border juts into the frontier into what is basically the "Here be orcs and monsters" part of the map. Fumaya's eastern border touches the elven nation of Codenya, home of the wood elves . Fumaya's western border touches the dwarf nations of Stahlheim and the region known as the Border Baronies. The southern border of Fumaya is shared with the sorcerer dominated nation of Swynfaredia.   Fumaya is a primarily agrarian society. They have substantial timber resources and modest mineral resources and modest reagent resources.   Fumaya's government is a feudal system with patrimonial succession. The king has five dukes and a count as direct vassals. The County of Polnoc is the top rim of Fumaya's sock. The Duchy of Zimoz encompasses the upper ankle. The Duchy Frymar encompasses the lower ankle. The Duchy of Linijka is at the base of the ankle and is administered by the king directly. The Duchy of Palbuc administers Fumaya's "toe." The Duchy of Wiern encompasses Fumaya's arch. The Duchy of Nerozik encompasses Fumaya's heel.


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So there is an distinctive cultural feel, whenever I have drawn most of the character names for ethnic Fumayans off of traditional Polish names.

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