Fumayan Masks

The Masks Masks in Fumaya are in a awkward position.  King Henryk is polite to Masks in public but in private he stonewalls them while allowing the Keepers, Guardians and other religious leaders into his political circles.   King Henryk is having major financial problems with a potential war on the horizon, but the king grew up hearing so many apocryphal tales of rulers being brought low by Masks using debt trap diplomacy that he refuses to take out a loan with them under any circumstances instead opting to engage in sweeping cost cutting measures in all non-military aspects of his realm.   Henryk has cut back significantly on luxury goods in his castle and fired a good portion of his personal staff.  While he hasn't cancelled the regular festivals that Fumaya normally, he has cut corners on sponsored entertainments to save money.   This galls the Masks.  They are sitting on a pile of gold and were hoping to ensnare the young king with loans to use as leverage to get the Masks deeper into his court.   Instead they have been forced to reach out to the king's vassals.  With limited success.  They gave Duke Cezerary Zimoz some loans but while the duke is careful to fulfil the letter of his repayment agreement he has not let the Masks into his court.  The Masks do get along wellwith Duke Nanda Frymar who is actually helping fund a new temple in his lands and is hoping to shape the Duchy of Frymar into a hub of trade and commerce and he is willing to let the Masks in on the ground floor of this endeavor.
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