Fumayan Lanterns

Most Lanterns live in the larger populated areas. The capital has a temple that serves as a modest patron to the arts. They don’t have a lot of martial strength among them, but some are a pushing they militarize and step up to defend the little guy because the government is clearly not up to it.   One fairly powerful adventuring priestess is not connected to them (she's a Codenya half-elf on her Rumspringa). She’s wandering the northern frontier trying to put out metaphorical fires as he finds them. She is beginning to wonder if it’d be a good idea for the frontier region to secede because their lord, [Count Obrect Polnoc seems unwilling and unable to protect them.   Zarthus boasts a few fairly modest temple in Fumaya’s capital and larger towns. The Lanterns here are primarily patrons of the arts which is admittedly hard to do in a nation short on gold and beset by many difficulties. They do not begrudge the nobles for withholding patronage of the arts as long as they redirect their gold to help the people in some way.
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