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The elves of Codenya, nicknamed wood elves, are generally isolationist with regard to the nations and people outside of their home forest. Most wood elves very rarely leave their homes unless the business is very serious. The exception is the rumspringa.   Most young adult elves in Codenya observe the tradition of the rumspringa. They take between one and three decades to explore the outside world before returning home. Some elves prefer to travel by themselves while others travel in small groups. Elves on rumspringa are free to go wherever they wish. Some elves seek to travel very far away to the remote ends of Scarterra while others only explore the non-elven lands bordering Codenya.   Most wood elf adventurers do almost all of their adventuring during their rumspringa.   wood elves that are mavericks or malcontents among their own people often choose to make their rumspringas permanent. wood elves that sire or bear half-elf children may opt to extend their rumspringa long enough to raise their offspring to adulthood if they do not want to take their offspring home.   Most non-elves citizens in Condenaya also follow the tradition of rumspringa, but given that they do not normally live long as elves, they generally make their rumspringas much shorter.
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