The Acro Bats

Contrary to popular belief, kalazotz are not actually harmed by bright light, but they do avoid bright light.   Kalazotz can see in the dark perfectly and are normally timid and shy so they normally stick to the dark whenever possible, but there are a few oddballs that don't mind letting the light shine on themselves.   The infamous massacre of the Grey Forest kalazotz has made kalazotz in general leery of traveling in human lands by themselves, but there oddballs that are curious enough about humans to risk it.   While the Codenya kalazotz work well with their wood elves allies, very few have adopted the tradition of the Rumspringa for themselves but there are a few oddball exceptions.   A half a dozen kalazotz decided to join a few wood elf friends on their Rumpsringa. They traveled to Penarchia a long way from kalazotz territory where no one had even heard of a kalazotz, styling themselves as the Acro Bats.   The kalazotz would play Aerial Hackey sack and do other flying maneuvers to impress the locals while their elf friends provided musical accompaniment. The prettiest manned the ticket booth and was their hype woman because no one wanted to give an ugly bat creature money.   The troupe traveled up and down the continent for the better part of ten years before packing it in and returning home to Codenya.
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