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Gnomes in Codenya are commonly referred to as "gnomes", but elsewhere the gnomes of Codenya are referred to as "forest gnomes" in order to distinguish them from gnomes elsewhere.   Gnomes in general have a profound respect for nature, but forest gnomes take this to a new level in order to assimiliate to the norms and customs of their wood elf allies.   By current times, forest gnomes are among the most assimilated gnomes in Scarterra. While they are more gregarious towards outsiders than the average wood elf, they are much more standoffish and isolationist than most other gnomes, at least with those outside of Codenya's borders. In the land of Codenya, forest gnomes are often called on to smooth disputes between various races and ethncities of Codenya's wide coalition.     Like the wood elves, many forest gnomes decide to have a Rumspringa as young adults where they explore the outside world and then they never leave their home forests again.   Most gnomes make an effort to assimilate to the values of their non-gnome neighbors, but forest gnomes are so well associated to the nation of Codenya that this has driven a wedge between forest gnomes and gnomes elsewhere.  Forest gnomes have relatively few ties to gnomes outside of Codenya and very few forest gnomes are members of the Order of Delas.


Major language groups and dialects

Forest gnomes speak Gnomish as their mother tongue. Most learn Elven as a second language from a young age and many forest gnomes make it a point to learn several languages.

Common Dress code

Forest gnomes generally prefer to dress simply and practically rarely choosing to express themselves via fashion.

Foods & Cuisine

Like their wood elf allies, most forest gnomes are skilled foragers who practice passive pastoral management of some semi-wild crops as well.   Forest gnomes are not picky eaters on the whole, but they often favor "lowly" food such as root vegetables, mushrooms, and the like. Their knowledge of the best edible natural herbs for flavoring is said to be unsurpassed among Codenyans.


Beauty Ideals

The vast majority of forest gnomes have dominant Earthy ethnic traits, sometimes as stand alone visible ethnicity, sometimes with minor secondary traits of another element depending on which regions of Codenya a gnome's parents frequented though secondary watery traits are especially common. Brown skin is much more common than grey skin. Green eyes are especially common.
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