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During the Second Unmaking, the ancestors of he modern wood elves survived by forging alliances with many other nature loving creatures, one of these groups was satyrs. satyrs commonly allied with elves during the Second Unmaking but the satyrs that allied with those who would become wood elves were one of the few satyr groups that made their new alliance permanent.   Codenya satyrs are the single largest satyr culture in Scarterra. In Codenya, they are the largest demographic present apart from the wood elves.  Physically, Codenya satyrs do not differ physiologically from most satyrs.  Thus they usually have curly hair and more often than not manifest co-dominant earthy and airy elemental ethnicity.   Codenya satyrs are more gregarious and welcoming to outsiders than most other Codenya mortals, but they are less open to outsiders than most other satyrs. They generally prefer to mingle with other Codenyans than with foreigners though they nearly always practice the wood elf tradition of the Rumspringa.   Even more than most other Codenyans, Codenya satyrs are very nomadic. They rarely limit their roaming to one or two provinces preferring to make the entire forested nation their stomping grounds. They are moderately less isolationist than most other Codenyans and if Codenya has to deal diplomatically or commercially with outsider nations, their envoys often include a few satyrs. Some satyrs even choose to spend their winters in human lands rather than Codenya.   Codenya satyrs can be found practicing any trade or profession that wood elves may practice but they are underrepresented among craftsmen with the major exception of brewing and wine making. A majority of Codenya's vineyards and distilleries are administered by satyrs.


Major language groups and dialects

Codenya satyrs speak nearly the exact same dialect of Elven that wood elves speak. Most make it a point to learn Common.

Culture and cultural heritage

Like most satyrs, Codenya satyrs are musically inclined. They tend to favor stringed instruments and pan pipes.   After assimilating some Elven music traditions, Codenya satyrs are less prone to free-form music than most other satyrs and small groups of satyrs are likely to form long-term musical bands that rehearse together regularly as opposed to more casual rotating musical partners like other satyrs are prone to do.

Common Dress code

It is joked that Codenya satyrs are like peacocks because the males tend to dress in  bright vibrant colors while females tend to dress to blend in with the forests around them.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Codenya satyrs, on average are more pious towards the the Nine than most other satyrs, especially the female satyrs who are disproportionally represented in Codenya's priesthoods.   Most satyrs view Nami as the spiritual mother of their race, and the Codenya satyrs are not an exception. The Codenya satyrs have assimilated enough religious practices from their wood elf allies, so they also venerate Zarthus and Korus on equal footing with Nami.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

As a rule, satyrs are not known to be especially pious but Codenya satyrs invoke the Nine a lot during their naming rites. Codenya satyrs typically name their babies a month after they are born, give or take and most parents will try to bestow the blessing of several if not all nine of the Nine on their kids' name days.

Coming of Age Rites

Most satyrs have their young adults participate in coming of age rites in small groups, but Codenya satyrs usually view coming of age rites as a solo endeavor though twins often take their rituals together.   Coming of age rites typically involve the young boy or girl demonstrating competency in their chosen profession presenting an exemplar piece of work similar to some human guilds.   Their coming of age rites commonly involves the young man or woman composing a poem or song for the occasion. The poem may be very heartfelt and serious or whimsically and silly, there are not hard and fast rules.  It varies on the preference of the individual more than anything.   Finally, the rite of passage into adulthood involve a solitary sojourn/vision question which may be held in deep seriousness or not, depending on the individual in question.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Like most satyrs, Codenya satyrs follow the basic pattern of a period of silence followed by a mournful dirge followed by a raucous party followed by a burial.    The main difference that sets them apart from other satyr great herds is that they are less prone to bar non-satyrs from joining their memorials, provided the other mourners are still Codenyans.


Gender Ideals

Like most other satyrs, Codenya satyrs have a fun loving hedonistic streak coupled with a love and respect for nature.   While the wood elves they are allied with are often androgynous with regards to gender roles, Codenya satyrs are more culturally dimorphic along gender lines.   Males tend to lean towards the hedonistic side of satyrs, disproportionately represented among performance troupes and vintners. Females tend to lean towards the nature loving side of satyrs, disproportionately represented among rangers, hunters, and priesthoods. Both males and females are equally likely to be warriors.
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