Codenya kalazotz

Comissioned Kalazotz Art (smaller version) by Diana Rahfoth
Most kalazotz colonies are either fully independent or they are attached to dwarf communities. One of the few exceptions are the kalazotz of Codenya. Thye make up approximately 1% of Codenya's total population.   Codenya kalazotz are sometimes called "Forest Bats." This is not the best name because there are lots of kalazotz and camazotz that live in forests that are not affiliated with Codenya though far less so since the unfortunate Massacre of the Grey Forest Kalazotz.
The kalazotz are friendly with but not particularly close to the wood elves of Codenya. By treaty the kalazotz and wood elves are obligated to aid each other militarily. Kalazotz aid the wood elves periodically by flying scout patrols on the wood elves behalf and the wood elves back up the kalazotz by killing or driving off any camazotz that fly anywhere near Codenya.   The forest bats engage in a little bit of trade with the wood elves, but not much. The Codenya kalazotz are mostly self-sufficient and are autonomous governing their own affairs. Apart from kalazotz and wood elves that are attached to routine patrols, the kalazotz and wood elves only meet a few times a year.
Commissioned kalazotz flying, grey background by Diana Rahfoth
  The Codenya kalazotz prefer to make their homes and nests in the tallest trees they can find. There are a few small colonies of tough bats living in northern Codenya but kalazotz generally prefer warm areas so most colonies are located in the southern region of Codenya.  

Outsider Relations

  Unless they have very close elf friends, Codenya kalazotz rarely engage in a Rumspringa meaning most Codenya kalazotz have little contact with any outsiders at all. Codenya kalazotz have relatively little contact with their underground kin of other kalazotz collectives though they are generally polite and cordial on the rare instances when these distant cousins do meet.   Thanks to their alliance with the wood elves, Codenya kalazotz haven't even so much as seen as camazotz in centuries though this might change since Uskalan camazotz seem to be growing in numbers and influence and the Kingdom of Uskala and the land of Codenya share a long border.   Both Codenya kalazotz and Uskalan camazotz usually stick to the interiors of their adopted homes so as of yet they haven't crossed paths, but it will certainly become an issue if King Drosst turns his expansionist ambitions towards Codenya.


Major language groups and dialects

Codenya kalazotz speak Zocatec as their mother tongue. A majority learn the wood elf dialect of Elven. They do not mix their base languages like the dwarf influenced kalazotz frequently do.

Culture and cultural heritage

Compared to other kalazotz, Codenya kalazotz are more aggressive and encourage more of a warrior culture, at least among males. On average, Codenya kalazotz are a little bit larger and look slightly more camazotz like in appearance than most kalazotz.   Part of the tendency towards being aggressive is from environmental factor. These kalazotz don't have reliable access to cross bows and drop weapons are harder to do in a thick forest, so if Codenya kalazotz want to kill their foes they have to close the distance.   On average, Codenya kalazotz are more insular and less curious about other races and groups than most other kalazotz are. Relations between Codenya kalazotz and the various other racial and cultural groups in Codenya are more formal and arm's length than relations between say wood elves and Codenya satyrs or even wood elves and druss elves.   All that being said, Codenya kalazotz are still kalazotz and they have friendly natures deep down. When Codenya kalazotz do mingle with their allies, they often enjoy music and storytelling with other races. Kalazotz have distinctive voices which some find off-putting but Codenya kalazotz have years of practice harmonizing with those who very literally have different voices from them.

Shared customary codes and values

Compared to other kalazotz, the Codenya kalazotz put less emphasis on Mera worship. Mera is still important, but Korus is their preeminent deity in their routine prayers and religious observances. He's the god of trees and they live in trees after all. Also, Korus worship is a point of commonality with almost every faction in the grand Codenya coalition.   The Codenya kalazotz are fairly slow to assimilate to wood elf customs but Zarthus worship is on the rise. Given that Codenya kalazotz fly under the night sky a lot rather than dwelling underground, they often feel strong spiritual ties to the moon and the pro-freedom and pro-community aspects of Zarthus worship come easily to them too.

Common Dress code

The Mayan inspired clothing common to most kalazotz is more diluted with Codenya kalazotz. Codenya kalazotz are less likely to show personal expression via their clothing. They wear clothing to protect them from the elements or to deflect attacks. They also weave a lot of pockets, pouches, and tie-ons to let them carry small useful items or forage better while flying around.

Art & Architecture

Codenya kalazotz are commonly skilled weavers, rope makers, and net weavers like more mainstream kalazotz but they rarely use this for artistic expression, they weave for practicality.   They do have a strong wood carving tradition and often have carvings high up on trees both to mark their territory and favored spots, but also simply for fun and personal expression.

Foods & Cuisine

Codenya kalazotz practice a similar mix of pastoral agriculture supplemented by hunting similar to How wood elves acquire most of their food. Compared to their elven allies, they eat more meat and less plant matter. Like most kalazotz they like their meat bloody and view blood as the best part of meat.   Because they literally live in trees, Codenya kalazotz are even less likely to cook their food than other kalazotz.
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