Fumayan Children

The Children in Fumaya are uncharacteristically supportive of the nation and unlikely to make waves or cause disruptions. A big reason for this is that the local Children are too concerned with their own factional in-fighting to make trouble for the non-believers.   Normally the Children do not worry about feudal politics.  If one nation goes to war with another, the Children will pick a good vantage place and laugh at the carnage.  In Fumaya, the local Children are actually somewhat loyal to king and country.  At least loyal by the Children's usual standards.    The Sorcerer’s Heresy faction is so powerful in neighboring Kingdom of Swynfaredia that the rival factions have drawn a proverbial line in the sand. They will work to make sure Swynfaredia doesn’t conquer Fumaya.  Note that while the Fumayan Children are unusualy patriotic for Greymoria's priesthood, no wants to support Fumaya so badly that they are willing to die to ensure Fumaya’s safety.   Greymoria’s Children are not very good at supporting mortal governments. In a lot of cases, the best they can do is to support them is by not trying to tear them down.  The closest thing they have done that resembles actual support is to sell the Fumaya Armed Forces potions at steep discounts.
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