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If the commoners are armed too heavily, the local nobles may fear a revolt. If the commoners are armed too lightly, the local nobles may fear their commoners will steamrollered by a band of brigands or some random monster. Fumayan nobles prefer a well-armed populace. Fumaya has a lot of small patches of farmland separated by rugged terrain. Sometimes dangerous things emerge from the rugged terrain before the knights can arrive to save the day.

Demography and Population

About 4% of the adult population are full time soldiers (knights and men at arms). About a quarter the adult population can be called up as reservists if needed. Whether they are likely inherit a title or not, most sons of the nobility train as knights, and when I say knights, I mean classic knights: Heavy armor, lances, warhorses. Most men at arms of common birth either fight with an axe and mace paired with a shield or fight long bows.   Reservists usually train with spear and shield, fight with two-handed polearms, or crossbows. Most soldiers of all stripes carry a sword as a backup though some reservists can only afford a dagger as a backup weapon  
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Most of Fumaya is human though there is a large diverse non-human minorities. In a military capacity, non-humans are usually fully integrated into human military units rather than deployed in separate units though the Schnocneg Regiment is a small gnome-only unit with a long history and the Fumaya Satyr Irregulars are a newly formed all satyr unit.
      Arcane spell casters have few legal restrictions in Fumaya, though like in most places universal crimes such as murder, assault, and theft are punished even more harshly in magic is involved. In theory, regent harvesting cannot be done without permission of the local lord but in practice this is very hard to enforce. If they can afford it, most nobles will try to keep a wizard on retainer, but Fumaya’s military does not have a lot of mages at their disposal.


Each duchy and county in Fumaya has a separate leader in charge of what is essentially an autonomous force, so the generalities of Fumaya's miliary do not apply equally to every duke or counts force.   The [Count of Polnoc  (tip of the sock) is a broken man and is a poor administer and general. He has roughly has as many soldiers as he should. He has about two thirds the men at arms you would expect and all his would-be reservists have been co-opted by the Lanterns.   The Duke of Zimoz (upper sock) is very military minded. He is strict about mandatory training for the reservists and he also subsidizes the reserves financially. Commoners can buy weapons and armor at half the market price (the duke personally covers the difference). His military reserves are larger and somewhat better trained than the national norm.  It also helps that Duke Zimoz managed to get his hands on a huge supply of iron ingots, so he is keeping his smiths busy forging new weapons and armor.   The Duke of Frymar  (upper mid sock) is the richest duke and is a little bit of a class snob. He has a slightly larger force of well-equipped men at arms than the Fumayan average but a moderately smaller reserve force to draw upon. Frymar maintains close ties to the dwarf kingdom of Meckelorn and his men at arms favor dwarf style equipment and tactics.   The duke of Linijka is also the king of Fumaya. The king’s military forces do not deviate from the norms of Fumaya, they set the norms.   The Duchy of Nerozik  (heel of the sock) has opted to train a large portion of the nobility as wizards instead of knights. They have fewer elite fighters but far more magical support to call on.   The Duchy of Wiern  (arch of the sock) is a bread basket but is mineral poor. The army favors quantity over quality.  They have fewer full time soldiers but they boast very large reserves.   The Duchy of Palbuc  (toe of the sock) is heavily forested and heavily culturally influenced by wood elves. Archery is very popular here, and the Duke’s forces are the only Fumayan military that has mandatory stealth training.


The main commoner weapon of choice is a spear or polearm because pointy sticks are cheap and don’t require a lot of steel.   Fumaya is not a rich realm and it’s expensive to equip men at arms with long bows or heavy armor, but most nobles think it’s worth it. When the local lord announces he is recruiting archers or infantry they are usually flooded with volunteers and they can afford to be choosy. This has led to a Fumayan cultural tradition of having many competitive athletic events. The winners of such events are far more likely to be recruited as men at arms so competition is fierce. A typically common will make three or four times as much income as a man at arms than as a farmer.

Foreign Relations

Fumaya shares a long border with the Dwarf Kingdom of Meckelorn and the wood elves of Nation of Codenya.   Fumaya has assimilated military tactics from both these nations. Most nobles keep at least one unit of men at arms made up of heavily armored elite infantry with battle axes or maces. Many commoners learn to fight with axes, hammers, or other weaponized tools. Most nobles keep at least one unit of men at arms made up of highly skilled long bowmen. Many commoners are skilled with hunting bows.   Fumaya's northern lands are not fully settled and the lands beyond Fumaya's north are full of orcs which are a constant threat.     Right now, the biggest threat to Fumaya as a nation is the kingdom of Swynfaredia which is already probing Fumaya for weaknesses for a potential invasion of Fumaya


Fumaya officially condones all nine priesthoods (though unofficially the Testers are usually shunned). The king and most of his vassals are politically shrewd enough to pit the priesthoods against each other. The priesthoods are generally so eager to curry influence with the local princes that they offer their magical and ecclesiastical services fairly cheap. Nearly every lord has at least one theurgist on retainer.   The Guardians have a lot of warriors tied to their temples and the Guardians are usually all too willing to loan their holy warriors to aid Fumaya's military with few strings attached.   The Keepers, Masks, and Stewards also have small contingents of well-trained holy warriors though they usually require some kind of payment or incentive to have them loan their troops to the state.   Recently the Lanterns have sponsored their own peasant militia in the County of Polnoc.
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