Fumayan Guardians

Hallisan has more priests and spell-casters in Fumaya than most of the rest of the Nine but even then, the local Guardians are spread pretty thin.  Every Duchy in Fumaya has a chapel.   The Revered Mother in charge of all Fumaya’s chapels to Hallisan believes that A Swynfaredian Invasion of Fumaya is all but inevitable.  Most of the Guardians theurgists and holy warriors have been deployed to the southern border to reinforce the Fumaya Armed Forces there.   Because of this, the main temple in King's Lake and most of Fumaya's Hallisan chapels are currently under the administration of low ranking acolytes.   This has sort of left the northern lands of Fumaya high and dry and there is an upsurge of monster attacks and hostile orcs which has bred resentment against the Guardians by peasants and princes that were originally well disposed towards them.
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