Fumayan humans

The land of Fumaya is a tough rugged land with tough rugged people.   The Fumayan stereotype is that they are simple, honest down to earth to people. In a lot of cases, the earthiness is almost literal. Earthy elemental racial traits are very dominant in Fumaya with a dash of water being common throughout Fumaya, sometimes codominant earthy/watery traits such as Lady Alina.  
  Airy traits are hardly unknown, especially in the northern lands of the County of Polnoc and the Duchy of Zimoz. Fumayans here often have more than a little bit of J√≥rtoca blood mixed in their veins.  
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  Most Fumayans are fairly gregarious and friendly but they prize self sufficiency and often keep to themselves and their immediate families.   They are sandwiched between Land of Meckelorn to the west, and Nation of Codenya to the east.   To some extent, Fumayan culture has assimilated dwarven honor and family pride as well the wood elves' respect for nature and privacy.   Fumaya also shares a border with the Border Baronies region. Fumayans have assimilated some of the Borderlander humans' rugged independent streak. Some other nations joke that Fumaya is the largest and longest lasting Border Barony.   Despite sharing a border with Swynfaredia, there is very little cultural diffusion between the two nations.     When it is time to find a name for a Fumayan NPC, I usually put "Polish names" into my internet search engine and pick something.   Many of the place names in Fumayan are loosely based on the Polish language.

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