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For most of their history The Jórtoca were a barbarian bloodline of humans that roamed the northern lands of West Colassia. Most of the tribes were horse riding barbarians and most of the scattered clans joined the coalition army of Mordock the Destroyer during his time of conquest.   After Mordock died and his empire crumbled, some of the Jórtoca returned to the roaming the wilds but many did not. The bulk of the Jórtoca settled in what is now the land of Kantoc and a lot of them interbred with the Kantoca. The Jórtoca assimilated Kantoc's agricultural ways and the Kantoca assimilated the Jórtoca's horsemanship culture.   The people living in the northern regions of Land of Fumaya have a bit of Jórtoca blood in their veins, but not to the extant that Kantoc has.  There is a little bit of cultural bleed into the Fumayan customs there.   Jórtoca cover a very wide geographic area but are spread pretty thin. Most Jórtoca have dominant air ethnic traits with secondary earth ethnic but there many variations.   Most Jórtoca that assimilated into population of more civilized human groups tend to pick up more earthy traits with each successive generation until they "go native" as it were.       While the Jórtoca and Kantoca are now so intermingled that a lot of Kantoc's population, both noble and commoner alike, are of mixed heritage, there is a clear correlation between geography and bloodline. The further north in Kantoc you go, the more Jórtoca blood and culture becomes visible.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

There are exceptions, but most Jórtoca live nomadic and mobile lifestyles. Jórtoca have strong riding traditions and ride upon horses and sometimes giant reindeer. They also are no stranger to long journeys on foot.
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