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Kantoc Keepers

Khemra is a respected deity in the nation of Kantoc, but Khemra is not nearly as influential as Korus or Hallisan.   Fortunately, Khemra normally gets along well with Hallisan and Korus and Khemra's followers tend to get along well with the followers of Hallisan and Korus as well.   The Keepers maintain a major temple in the capital cities and three or four smaller temples along major crossroads.   The king and a small number of his vassals have a Keeper advisor on their court full time, but most politically minded Keepers are iterant frequently traveling from one fief to another, so like most citizens of Kantoc, the local Keepers are comfortable on the back of a horse.   Kantoc is a very military minded nation, so the Keepers in Kantoc are more military minded than most Keepers elsewhere.  Almost half of Kantoc's Keepers are member of the Dusk Order and most of the local members of the Dusk Orders are either a direct part of or play support to the Knights of the Setting Sun.  The Knights of the Setting Sun are both the local Keepers military arm, and often their diplomatic arm as well since nobles in Kantoc are favorably disposed to listen to an honorable knight.
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