Eclipse Order

The Eclipse Order is the smallest of the official orders of the Keepers of Khemra.   The Eclipse Order was created specifically to cater to supporting the favored souls of Khemra, commonly named the Eclipse Touched. Eclipse Touched are so rare that they practically treated like royalty.   Eclipse Touched are often but by no means always born during or near to literal solar or lunar eclipses. Even those who are not born during or near an Eclipse are still called Eclipse Touched.   Eclipse Touched are born during Khemra's Zodiac year year. Typically only about four to six are born during a typical Year of Khemra, normally to human, elven or dwarven families that are staunch Khemra worshipers. Every 81 years, Khemra has what is called "The Year of Khemra Ascendant" and typically has between ten and thirty Eclipsed Touched born, some of them are born to families that are not actually staunch Khemra worshipers (though they are never born to parents who actively dislike Khemra).   All the members of the Eclipse Order are either Eclipse Touched themselves or they are support staff to the Eclipse Touched.     The Keepers are a very hidebound traditionalist organization, but even Khemra accepts that change is sometimes necessary. By their own ecclesiastical law, only Eclipse Touched may propose new laws or traditions and they are the only ones that can act outside the bonds of tradition and ecclesiastical laws for the greater good of Khemra's goals without the individual getting reprimanded.   Because of this, Eclipsed Touched wield a lot of political power. Lots of Keepers often brown nose Eclipse Touched for political influence. Despite this tendency, non-Eclipsed Touched often view assignment to the Eclipse Order as unpleasant grunt work.   Sometimes a very reform minded Eclipse Touched can be viewed as a breath of fresh air. Other times they are (privately) viewed as meddlesome pests.   Eclipse Touched are frequently adventurers. Sometimes this is by choice because the Eclipse Touched hear the call or because the Eclipsed wants to avoid playing politics by leaving the temples for long stretches of times. Sometimes other Keepers deliberately come up with adventures to get the Eclipse Touched out of their hair and far away.   While many Eclipse Touched are sent on what are essentially fool's errands, so far, no Eclipse Touched has been deliberately sent out on a suicide quest, at least it hasn't been proven. Even for Keepers that generally dislike Eclipse Touched in general or one or two individuals in particular, it's total sacrilege to deliberately try to have an Eclipse Touched person killed.
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