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Most Keepers are part of a vast hierarchy spanning all of Scarterra.  At the top of the hierarchy is the Pentarchy.   The Keepers are divided into five orders:   The Dawn Order is in charge of recruitment and training.   The Day Order is in charge of all things not directly ceded to another order   The Zenith Order is in charge of ecclesiastical law and communication with other priesthoods   The Dusk Order is the Keeper's military wing   The Eclipse Order is in charge of aiding Khemra's favored souls who are commonly called Eclipse-Touched.     The Pentarchy represents the council of the five Pentarchs, the highest ranking member of each of the five Orders.  Each Pentarch has the final say within his or her jurisdiction.  If an issue affecting the @Keepers stretches across multiple Orders, the Pentarchy will have a vote between them.     The five Pentarchs are usually quite old and not very spry. They certainly cannot be everywhere at once. In fact, they rarely leave their temple, so they rely on fifteen Champions to be their eyes, ears, hands, and mouthpieces.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Only death or divine intervention from Khemra herself can remove a sitting Pentarch
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Wisest One
Length of Term
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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