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The five Pentarchs have the final say in all ecclesiastical matters within the Keepers of the Compact, but they are not usually very mobile both being bound by paper work and often being of advanced age.  It is uncommon for them to leave the Tower of the Sun for long.   Each Pentarch appoints three Champions to serve as his or her eyes, mouths, and hands. In the case of the Champions of the Dusk, the Champions serve as the Pentarch's fists.   While the Pentarch sit in their almost literal ivory tower making edicts, while the Champions are the ones who go out and actually get their hands dirty serving Khemra .     The Champions of Dusk are the three mightiest warriors the Keepers command.   The Champions of Day are the Keepers' three best administrators.   The Champions of Dawn are the Keepers' three most revered teachers.   The Champions of Eclipse are pretty much purely ceremonial titles because they do not maintain near as much regular contact with the Pentarchs compared to the other four Orders. given to the three most powerful Eclipse-Touched, or perhaps the three most well-liked Eclipse-Touched.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Shining One
Source of Authority
Appointment by the Pentarchs
Length of Term
At the pleasure of the Pentarch
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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