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Tower of the Sun

The Tower of the Sun is the tallest man made structure on Scarterra created in the The Third Age.   This deliberately grand monument also functions as a temple to Khemra and a headquarters for the global hierarchy of the Keepers of Khemra and is the home of the ruling Pentarchy

Purpose / Function

In theory this was constructed as a giant extremely ornate temple, but in practice it is the strategic and administrative headquarters of the Keeper's ruling Pentarch.   The bottom level is a (seldom used) ornate space for VIPs to have worship services.   The second floor and third floors are the meeting area and living quarters for the five Pentarchs and their staff.   The fifth floor is occupied mostly with meditation chamber and the sixth, seventh, and ninth floors are all magically enchanted to generate or augment a specific type of magic.  The very top floor for instance, augments divination magic and has an enchanted scrying mirror.


The tower is a majestic spiraling tower of bright white alabaster stone with gold plated sun decals. Given that the tower is a monument to the goddess of the sun, it should surprise no one that this statue is engineered to catch and reflect sunlight making the tower difficult to look at during high noon. The nine-story tower radiates with Khemra's power and majesty so much that even devout Keepers are somewhat intimidated by this gigantic tower.   The tower gradually gets narrower as it gets taller.  The bottom level has roughly three and a half times the space as the top level.


Khemra's faithful occasionally make pilgrimages here.  Keepers that need to meet with the top brass also come here for ecclesiastical business reasons.
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Citadel of the Pentarchs
World wonder
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