Knights of the Setting Sun

The Keepers of Khemra are normally divided into five orders.  The Dusk Order is the Keepers' martial arm charged with war and defense.   In Kantoc, no military order is taken seriously if they are not affiliated with a knightly order and the Keepers would very much like to increase their influence in Kantoc so they spun off a knightly order from the Dusk Order, the Knights of the Setting Sun.   Like most of Kantc's knightly orders, they draw in recruits from a fairly young age and make them start with drudge work before starting training in combat and riding and like most of Kantoc's knightly orders, the majority of their recruits are drawn from the sons of the nobility.   The Kantoca Keepers may not be as numerous or well funded as the Kantoca Guardians, but the Guardians have many specialist knightly orders and the Keepers only have one generalist group of knighs.   The Knights of the Setting Sun, are one of Kantoc's largest knightly order.  They are charged with defending Khemra's temples, clergy and followers as well as aiding the local rulers and protecting the general populace.  They are expected to be mobile and flexibile.   Because long distance lines of communication are not always easy, the Knights of the Setting Sun have more autonomy to make their own decisions compared to most members of the Dusk Order in other lands (though their decisions are always scrutinized carefully afterwards).
Military, Knightly Order
Dusk Knights
Parent Organization

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