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Night Order

The Night Order is a heretical offshoot of the Keepers.  It's very name is derived from the Keeper's five official orders:  the Dawn Order, the Day Order, the Zenith Order, the Dusk Order, and the Eclipse Order.  Not too surprisingly the Night Order does not advertise itself or keep any official insignia.   Officially the Night Order does not exist.  If they acknowledge it at all, most Keepers say such a group is an affront to all of Khemra's principle.  The very idea that followers of the sun goddess would symbolically cloak themselves in a shroud of night is preposterous and insulting.   Most of the Night Order are trained in stealth techniques and poison use. They make it a point to assassinate princes and potentates whom they view as having politics opposed to Khemra’s ideals. Occasionally they also try to violently remove troublesome followers of Zarthus and Nami who are building up political influence. . At this point the Pentarchs and other major Keeper leaders have not yet taken major action against the Night Order. They are still trying to deny the Night Order’s existence, so their actions against the Night Order are all done in secret. It just so happens that the Night Order is far better at operating in secrecy than the Pentarch’s agents are.   It also seems that the Pentarchs are not very highly motivated to stop the Night Order.  They seem to secretly appreciate it when their enemies and rivals suffer mysterious "accidents".
Secret, Religious sect
Parent Organization

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