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The Kantoca are an ethic group of humans hailing from the nation of Kantoc.   The modern Kantoca draw their people's name from the legendary figure of King Kantarius and they claim direct descent from the fallen Kingdom of Gerlaria    The Kantoca are loosely based on a combination of the people of Rohan from Lord of the Rings, and the people of real world Spain. Most names for Kantoca NPCs are pulled from google searches for "Spanish baby names." Most geographic locations within Kantoc are derivatives of Spanish words.   The Kantoca value horses and horsemanship. They are known world wide as excellent riders and horse breeders.   Chivalrous and honorable conduct are valued greatly though the Kantoca do have a few blackguards and hypocrites among their people.   Outsiders sometimes stereotype Kantoc as being stubborn and more than a little rustic.   Most Kanotoca have primary earthy traits with a mix of secondary elemental traits. Hair is predominantly light brown and full of cowlicks. Most Skin tones resemble tanned Caucasians in the real world. Kantoca tend to be tall and lanky, but with decent muscle tone. Eye colors are all over the place but blue and brown are the most common colors seen. Kantoca tend to have fairly large noses.
The diluted Kantoca blood line The princes of Kantoc talk about Kantoc's rich ancient history, but in reality, Kantoc is a nation composed of many different ethnic groups meshed together.   That's not exactly unusual for any human ethnicity but Kantoc has a long history of invading and conquering other human groups and a history of being invaded by and conquered by other human groups.   I'll cover more on the details of this later.
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