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Mordock the Destroyer

Mordock the Destroyer was the most (in)famous half-orc of all time.  Mordock was a powerful socerer, fierce warrior, and brilliant tactician.  More importantly he was a charismatic leader, able to unite most of West Colassia's  human and orc barbarian tribes under a single banner.   In addition to humans and orcs, Mordock's horde including many other creatures including but not limited to derro, dragons, and aranea, and goblins.   Mordock claimed and held over half of West Colassia's total land area, making his capital in centered in what was the heart of Meckelorn.   Much to the chagrin of all dwarves everywhere, Mordock managed to die peacefully in his bed of old age. Being sterile like most half-orcs, Mordock had no children.  Though he did name an heir, few of his followers accepted the legitimacy of his heir.  Mordock's massive land empire ended up split into many smaller fiefdoms after his death, most of which did not last very long.  The longest lasting remnant of Mordock's rule was Meckelorn itself, which took over three dwarf generations for the dwarves to be able to liberate it from its orc occupiers.   While Mordock's empire did not last very long, it did have the last effect of setting up trade routes connecting West Colassia together.  Also a lot of human barbarian tribes ended up civilizing themselves with their descendants becoming farmers.  A few orcs tried, but these fledgling fiefdoms of civilized orcs were eventually wiped out by intolerant human neighbors.   He was generally pious toward Maylar though he did not identify as a priest or holy warrior, the Testers recognized him as Tapukeah posthumously.
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