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The Spear of Mordock

Mordock the Destroyer owned many powerful magical items. His most famous was the "Spear of Lightning", later more commonly known as the "Spear of Mordock" even during Mordock's lifetime.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Spear of Lightning had no electricity powers, but it boomed liked thunder whenever it slew a foe. It could thrown unnaturally far with supernatural power and accuracy and most impressively, it could be recalled to the thrower's hand, provided they wore a ring that was paired with the spear.


Like Mordock himself, many details of the Spear of Mordock are not well known.   Legends differ on whether Mordock found the spear, crafted the spear himself, or was gifted the spear by Maylar himself.  
"Some believe the Spear of Lightning was the source of Mordock's power, but this was not the case. Mighty the spear was, Mordock was mightier. Mordock killed many enemies before he had the spear and he killed many enemies after he had the spear."   -Dabub, orc hunter


Mordock's Spear was an extremely powerful weapon, but its symbolic value is arguably more important.   After Mordock died peacefully in his sleep at a ripe old age, Mordock died without a clear heir. Mordock's lieutenants fought among themselves on who would rule Mordock's empire.   Many sought the Spear of Mordock and hoped that would cement their claim to Mordock's legacy, but no one knows what happened to the weapon. It hadn't been seen for Mordock's last five years of life, and the Spear's fate is the subject of much myth, superstition, and whispered conspiracies.   People still seek the Spear of Mordock centuries later.
Item type
Weapon, Other
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