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County of Polnoc

by Eron12 with Hero Forge
  The County of Polnoc is the rim of Fumaya's "sock."   House Polnoc is a lesser house, but it’s on the front lines of the nation of Fumaya. Generations ago, Polnoc, the Bear, was a knight of great strength and courage. This giant of a man led an army which drove back a massive orc invasion into northern Fumaya roughly a century ago. The king rewarded his valor by granting him a noble title and dominion over Fumaya’s northern most lands. House Polnoc took the Bear as their sigil. It was expected that Polnoc would tame Fumaya’s northern most and wildest province. This also represents the last time Fumaya expanded territory.   The county has a fairly cold climate, just barely warm enough to allow sustainable agriculture focusing primarily on root crops such as potatoes.   The County of Polnoc is fairly exposed to both monsters and orcs . Most of the villages were being extorted for tribute by the Dirty Crow orc tribe until Neshik the gnome and a team of other heroes helped a Lantern backed miitia drive them off.   Unfortunately it appears that the [Count Polnoc and his men are not up to the task of defending the land.


Hereditary feudalism with patrimonial succession

Articles under County of Polnoc

Cover image: Polnoc Crest by Me using the Worldspinner heraldry tool


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