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County of Paznoky

The County of Paznoky is the very tip of the land of Fumaya's proverbial boot, where Fumaya bumps into the Grey Forest.   It is the least populated county in Fumaya's south but is fairly prosperous due to its rich forest resources. Even more than the rest of Duchy of Palbuc, the locals are generally very pro-Korus and somewhat enamored of wood elves.


The realm is a feudal county that owes fealty to the Duke of Palbuc


The realm is beset on two sides by Swynfaredia's and this is a problem because of Swynfaredia expansionist ambitions.   The terrain is very rugged and conducive to allowing a defender excellent hit and run options meaning this is an unattractive route for large scale invasions but given that the area is rich in exactly the resources Swynfaredia covets most, this is still a potential invasion route.

Industry & Trade

The local peasants grow enough food to meet their basic needs. The main exports of the realm are timber and reagents.   Hunting is not limited to the nobility but it is restricted so as not to deplenish the forest's resources. The nobility can hunt as much as they want, but only a few peasant families can hunt specific animals at specific times. The Fumayan Stewards manage who can hunt what and when. The Stewards also advise but not command the nobility on what they should hunt and when and nobles usually follow the Stewards' guidelines.


The County of Paznoky is the last province in the Duchy of Palbuc to be seriously settled.   Initially this was an informal appendage realm of Luceria County until


Predominantly forested hills with a few natural and artificial made clearings.


temperate with hot summers and cold winters

Natural Resources

Some pockets of cultivated farmland near fresh water sources but predominantly forests which provide chestnuts, reagents, hunting, common timber, and rarified timbers.
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