"I miss being able to range freely in the winter, but there are upsides to staying in the winter village too.  Few things are more pleasant than watching roasting chestnuts while talking with loved ones."   -Nambra Jocan, wood elf huntress
    Chestnuts are a very starchy carbohydrate rich nut that grows on deciduous trees in temperate zones. Scarterran chestnuts are fairly similar to real world chestnuts.   The two most common varieties on Scarterra are the Codenyan chestnut tree and the Umeran chestnut tree.   The Umeran chestnut trees unsurprisingly hails from Umera but it has been deliberately spread through out the the many territories of the Elven Empire and former territories of the Elven Empire now part of Kantoc , Stahlheim, and Swynfaredia. They thrive best in the semitropical coastal regions. They require a lot of water. There are a few wild trees here and there but most of them are in cultivated orchards.     The Codenyan chestnut unsurprisingly hails from the forests of Codenya. They do not produce as many edible nuts as the Umeran tree variety but they require less water and less active tending, so it's more common to find wild trees. The wood elves have deliberately encouraged the spread of these trees in their lands. There are also wild and domesticated groves in Fumaya, Kantoc, Swynfaredia and a few in the softer foothills and Border Baronies Region of the World Seam Mountains.

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Uses, Products & Exploitation

Chestnuts are the main source of starches for the wood elves Nation of Codenya.  Wood elves call chestnuts "winter nuts" because they typically gather them up in late fall to make up a large portion of their winter food stores.   Elsewhere chestnuts are fairly common on dinner plates, but they are less common than potatoes, rice, or wheat.