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the Grey Forest

The Grey Forest, named for it's frequent fogs is the largest forest in Scarterra not claimed by wood elves.   A little over 2/3 of the forest lies within the territory of Uskala and the rest falls inside the territory of Swynfaredia  A river forms a fairly clear boundary between the two nation, but the area is too rugged to easily patrol on a regular basis and both nations' citizens are prone to poach reagents or hunting in the other side's territory.   The Grey Forest is unofficially the territory of Korus' Stewards of the Dominion and the local Uskalans and Swynfaredians are alike are aware that if they harvest from the forest too greedily that they are likely to trigger a hostile reaction from the Stewards.

Localized Phenomena

The area is fairly rich in magic fonts and reagents. It is speculated that the entire forest is kind of like a font of power. Trees seem to grow at roughly double the rate they do elsewhere.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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