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Platinum Peak

Tentative Geographic Assignment: 10     Basic Concept: A geographically isolated platinum mine run by a tengku cartel.     History: Deep underneath Platinum Peak is the richest and most reliable platinum mine in the world. There is just one problem: food.   Miners have to eat. There is no arable land nearby and there are no life stones underground, and the hunting/foraging situation around Platinum Peak is very limited. The existence of the platinum mine is well known, so the miners and the caravans with the mined platinum attract thieves and brigands. That means the miners need soldiers to guard them. Soldiers need to eat too.   Over the centuries, the ownership of Platinum Peak has changed hands many, many times. Orcs, dwarves, humans, goblins, kobolds, a dragon , and at one point a necromancer with skeleton miners have all traded ownership of the Platinum Peak a least once. The average tenure of a group in charge of Platinum Peak is twenty years. The record is fifty-seven years (the dragon). The current owners have controlled Platinum Peak for fifty-five years.   Right now, Platinum Peak is run by a multi-species consortium run by tengku. The Tengku own not only the mine, but they own the nearest farms (which are forty miles away and not the most fertile farms in the borderlands). Humans do most of the farming, kobolds do most of the mining, dwarf mercenaries do most of the guarding, and kalazotz airlift food to the miners and soldiers. When it's time to ship the platinum out, they move in very large caravans with human and dwarf soldiers augmented by kalazotz scouts spotting potential threats from the air.     Government Style: Platinum Peak is run like a modern company town. There are no oaths of fealty or writ of kings. Everything is based on an employer-employee relationship.     Character of the Realm: 16 tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt...     Religion: The people of Platinum Peaks are not very religious, but you get a little bit of Hallisan worshipped because he is the god of mining, Phidas is worshipped because he is the god of commerce, and Mera worshipped because she is the goddess of inter species cooperation. Priests and theurgists are paid salaries by the tengku owners like everyone else.     Challenges: It takes a lot of organization to keep the platinum mine running and make sure everyone involved is paid, protected and supplied. The mine has not been this profitable in centuries. Some of the workers are bitter that the tengku do the least actual work and keep the most money. Some workers are planning a change in management. There are also outside groups plotting to replace the tengku as the overseers in charge.
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