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Library of Murnauz

The Library of Murnauz is the main storehouse of accumulated lore for the Order of the Lantern.  One of, if not the largest libaries of arcane spell craft lore not controlled by wizards.   While accumulating useful lore on spellcraft is the highest priority for the Library of Muranauz, the library contains a wealth of tomes on theology, history, alchemy, tactics, arcana, and the undead among many topics.   Most members of the Order of the Lantern spend some of their time training here.  The permanent Order staff and the various studying apprentices here read and train, but they also transcribe copies of some of their books to take to the field.   Since the Library of Muranuz is located in the so-called "Barony of the Dead" that means that members of the Order of the Lantern are part of the guard rotation here.
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