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Barony of Crystal Fields

The Barony of Crystal Fields is named for fields near a font of earth elemental magic that allows slow growing haber crystals to rise from the ground. These crystals can be harvested and sold as durable reagents. This is area's only real export and claim to fame. Without the Crystal fields, this region would have almost nothing to entice people to settle here.   Beyond the famed crystal fields, there is not a lot of arable land, but what land they have is quite fertile (passively infused with earth magic). The region is a little dryer than most of the Border Baronies region, but the people don't go hungry or thirsty, they just have to dig deeper wells.     Tentative Geographic Assignment: 9   Basic Concept: Matrilineal Monarchy influenced by the Cult of the Compact.     History: Two generations ago, the Baron of Crystal Spire decided that he liked his daughter a lot more than he liked his son, so he broke the patrimony norm and named his daughter his heir. Later the young Baroness decided to go even further and wrote matrilocal succession into law instead of just a one-off event.   Also the Baroness was a staunch follower of the Cult of the Compact. She wrote a Constitution enshrining them as the official religion of the Barony of Crystal Fields and gave them state powers.     Government Style: A combination of meritocracy and nepotism. The Baroness will appoint her friends to positions of authority but her appointments can be nullified by a priestess of the Cult of the Compact.   Most of the Baroness' ministers and the most of the Cult of Compact clergy are women.     Character of the Realm: Matriarchal, a little bit druidic and nature loving. The area is so infused with earth magic that the it affects babies born here. The locals are VERY earthy in appearance and temperament.     Challenges: The region has has a wide northern frontier where goblins and assorted monsters occasionally pop out from. The Baron of of Altudaredia covets the magical crystal fields and is considering invading the realm.
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