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Principality of Silfûrhëim

Tentative Geographic Assignment: 14   A land of forest glens and craggy rock outcrops, Silfûrheim is a valley defended by a significant Lake at its lower border, and rugged rock walls and cliffs which approach a mountain summit. Generally, it is a ragged triangle shape comprising the valley that drains down to the alpine lake. It is home to two or three unique varietals of trees plus plenty more widely spread species. It is an uncommonly beautiful place which attracts nature appreciating Korus worshipers.     Basic Concept: Silfûrhëim is a refugee for wood elves outsiders, criminals, and outcasts who do not want to return to Codenya  from their Rumspringas but still want to be surrounded by a familiar culture.     History: Some 155 years ago an Elf Chieftain and adventurer named Elarfynn founded Silfûrheïm. His followers have been debating how to pronounce and spell it ever since. He still rules along with his consort Marowynn. His official title/name is Prince Elarfynn but she is always called Countess Marowynn.     Government Style: A Chartered Monarchy with limited representation. The Baron (Prince) is the supreme authority but there are various Councils who have input. The first of these is the Council of Magi (all elven spellcasters). Gíllmâwven and Zalzthânabb are its leading members and it is the highest ranking council. There are many other councils including the Tunneldelvers Council and last of them all the Council of Gnomes.     Character of the Realm: Population is about 50% elves , 25% humans , 15% half-human half-elves and 15% other.   Foreign policy is to welcome small numbers of non-elves who don’t mind living in a elf-centric realm and exterminate undesirable monsters. Large numbers of non-elven migrants are not particularly welcome. Loggers are especially unwelcome.   The valleys are home to the Silver Bark Aspen. During summer only an expert can tell the difference with a normal Aspen but during the fall the foliage turns an intense almost fiery, yellow-orange and the bark shifts from white attaining a reflective silvery quality. This and two other unique sorts of trees are protected species.     Religion: Zarthus and Korus each have multiple small shrines here and a small number of priests. No religion is forbidden but open Phidas and Maylar worship is viewed with suspicion.     Challenges: The elven character of the little realm is threatened by the fact that humans and other races tend to out breed the elf population. And worse, sometimes elves born here visit Codenya and stay (sort of a reverse Rumspringa).
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