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The Borderlander National Pasttime

The Border Baronies are a remote wild area.  A lot of the people who choose to go to the Border Baronies are figuratively or literally on the run from something.   Ex-slaves and runaway serfs can be found here.  One of the current Border Baronies, Freistadt Republic was founded mainly by ex-slaves.   Some people, desperate to avoid an arranged marriage have fled to the Border Baronies with their forbidden loves.   There are lots of apocryphal stories of heroes and heroines falsely accused of heinous crimes retreating to the Border Baronies to regroup, gather allies then triumphantly return to destroy their enemies and clear their name.   Others flee to the Border Baronies to avoid oppression in a general sense.   Of course, the Border Baronies houses many criminals on the run who are indeed very guilty.   In any event, many Borderlanders have an innate distrust of authority figures, even if they do not have criminal pasts themselves.  A lot of bounty hunters and other extended arms of the law enter the Borderlanders to look for their targets, but they will find that almost all the locals are highly uncooperative.   It is joked that annoying or misleading bounty hunters is the national past time of the Borderlands.  Even a few bounty hunters find themselves attacked by strangers.

Cover image: Map of the Border Baronies by Pendrake


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