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Petty Kingdom of Mateoreino

"Kingdom"of Mateoreino   Tentative Geographic Assignment: 4   Basic Concept: Warlord's personal fiefdom   History: Mateo the was a brigand leader hailing from the dregs of Kantoc society who marched into an unstable Border Barony that was disorganized and unable to defend itself against goblins and other creatures in the woods. Mateo rode in, "liberated" the realm and applied a very harsh order.   Government Style: Mateo and his handpicked cronies live like bandit kings and barely  leave their subjects enough food and supplies to live. Laws are whatever Mateo says.   Character of the Realm: Brutal oppression   Religion: The realm has no official religion, but a Tester is part of Mateo's inner circle.   Challenges: Mateo and his cronies are bleeding the realm dry. Under the yoke of oppression, Mateo's citizens are not very motivated to work hard so the realm is getting poorer by the year.

Cover image: Map of the Border Baronies by Pendrake


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