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The Midtown Ale House

The Midtown Ale House has long been known to be the best provider of ale in the small independent Barony currently known as Prophet's Pass, though Prophet's Pass has had many names and many governments.   What is known by few is that the Ale House and front store are built on the entrance to a tapped out mine.   What is known by fewer people is that abandoned mine houses the secret lair of the vampire Emerande.   Emerande had a network of thralls and spies to follow merchant and criminal traffic through Prophet's Pass and ale deliveries make good cover for passing messages.   Any traveler that wouldn't be missed became Emerande's nightly meal. Ideally travelers with money or trade goods. Emerande would then fence these goods through her merchant thralls and order her thralls to bribe the local government to pass laws and ordinances to her favor.   Like many vampires of advanced age, Emerande was a little bit mad and her paranoia and OCD would often get the better of her. She tends to organize a coup in Prophet's Pass every twenty or so to bring in a new government but as long as she has her hooks in the wealthiest men in the region, she can maintain power, or at least she could before adventurers found her lair and destroyed her, but that is another story.

Purpose / Function

To store and sell ale. Also to provide cover for Emerande's nightly murder and extortion schemes.


Emerande was extremely paranoid in general and was especially paranoid about the restless dead and hunted down and destroyed every ghost within ten miles of her lair. Many of the ghosts were her former victims.   But centuries of murder, greed, scheming, lust, vanity and paranoia concentrated in one spot for hundreds of years likely created a psychically Tainted locations but it will take time to manifest now that Emerande is dead.


A simple two story house with a very deep cellar. The first floor is a store front for beer and ale and the second floor is where the owner lives. The actual beer and ale is brewed in nearby sheds.   A solid oak door with expesnive locks separates the first floor and the cellar and a similar door sepearates the subbasement which opens into a wide underground cavern where Emerande keeps her treasure hoard and armory.   The walls are adorned with weapons and paintings, wood carvings, and other art Emerande forced kidnapped artists to make glorifying her beauty.   There is also an entrance into Scarnoctis but Emerande piled boulders in front of it because the subteranean world has monsters that even monsters fear.
Brewery / Winery
Parent Location


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