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Principality of Red Streams

Tentative Geographic Assignment: Spot 16   Basic Concept: This realm is a pretty unremarkable feudal land whose main claim to fame is that there is a portal to Fae Realm nearby.     Character of the Realm: For those who are/were Game of Thrones fans, think of Winterfell. The nobles are just, brave, generous and maybe a little naïve when it comes to realpolitik. The common folk are good and simple folk, honest and hard working.   The two dwarf nations hold Red Streams in high regard, but they don’t have a lot of reason to trade with them.     Religion: The Prince and all his vassals are publicly Hallisan worshipers. The Guardians support Red Streams thoroughly. Khemra has a small priesthood here as well. The Keepers are also supportive of the status quo. The commoners usually worship Korus and/or Mera as their primary deities.     Challenges: It’s not clear what the Fair Folk want with the realm of Red Streams, but they clearly aren’t done meddling in this realm. They lost control over their puppet realm and they want it back. There is portal to the Fae Realm here. The portal changes location frequently, but it never moves far.   All the Border Baronies have to deal with monsters to some extent. Red River has to deal with them more than most. Also, the various mortal monsters are backed surreptitiously by the Fair Folk. Goblin raiders and other threats are known to experience uncanny good luck and fortuitous coincidences.   If Uwchradaredia decides it wants to expand its territory again, Red Streams is probably where they will attack first, at least that's what the Red Streamers think.


Red Streams has just under 70,000 residents, about 97% of them are humans. The Prince's demense has about 20,000 people. Most of his four thane's lands have between 10,000 and 15,000 souls.


The ruler is called the Prince and he has four vassals called Thanes, assisted by elite warriors called Champions, similar to knights. For more details see the article on Red Streams feudal government.

Industry & Trade

The realm is agrarian producing mostly food crops and a small amount of cash crops.


For most it’s recent history, Red Streams was called "The Silver Valley Barony" and ruled by a series of Barons who wielded arcane magic bestowed from warlock pacts from the Fair Folk.   Over time the Barons fell deeper into madness until eventually they were deposed by a charismatic warlord, Frydal Dzielny the Valiant in what was called the Battle of the Red Streams.   Frydal was common born. He took the surname Dzielny married the daughter of the ruler of Merchant Principality of Centrum to add legitimacy to his declaration of starting a new noble line.   He is still alive but is rather old, so his son Detlef Dzielny the Dark runs the realm in his father's name.

Natural Resources

Fertile fields is the main resources. The realm has a dormant silver mine that was shut down decades ago due to a suspiciously large number of accidents.
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