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Great Fjord of West Colassia

The Great Fjord of West Colassia is in West Colassia's northwest corner.  
The region is far too cold for agriculture and slightly too cold for a pastoral lifestyle, but due to warm prevailing ocean currents the region is a bit more warm and comfortable than the comparable areas of similar latitude.   Apart from the North Fort, civilized nations don't have any presence here, but various tribes of Laguza humans and orcs roam the area living off of fishing and hunting marine mammals.
Enapay the Laguza by Eron12 with Hero Forge
  More exotic beasts live here too, like any mostly unsettled area in Scarterra, here there be monsters.


A large bay dotted with fjiords surround by gently rolling hills.

Natural Resources

Fish, furs, meat, ivory and certain reagents are fairly plentiful here.


Hardy pine trees are present but few and far between. Grass and shrubs only grows about half the year which attracts some migratory grazing beasts and birds during the summer months.   Fish and seafood is fairly plentiful and many marine mammals live here and feed off the fish.
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