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Duchy of Frymar

House Frymar is one of the original founding houses of Fumaya . Their sigil is a red owl.   Apart from the king and the capital, the lands of House Frymar are arguably the most central to the country. That means if the Swynfaredians invade from the south or orcs invade from the north, House Frymar will be the last noble house to face an attack on their own lands.   The current head of the house, Duke Nanda Frymar , is a shrewd and greedy businessman. His house has made a lot of money acting as a middleman between the Dwarves and the Wood Elves. The dwarves and elves don’t like talking to each other, but they are willing to trade with humans. By acting as middleman and taking a modest percentage of each transaction, Lord Nanda is the richest lord in Fumaya.   Lord Frymar has not lifted a finger to help his fellow lords in the north nor his fellow lords in the south. He has no friends and the other lords would love to see misfortune befall him. It has, but it’s subtle. The mafia’s is muscling into Frymar’s racket of underground trade so Lord Frymar is the strongest voice for being tough on crime for purely mercenary reasons.   Lord Frymar’s parents were….fertile. Frymar had lots of younger brothers and sisters who had zero chance of inheriting any lands or getting a big dowry for a prestigious marriage. Most of these “extra” children were sent to the Church of Hallisan. A lot of Fumayan Guardians bear the Frymar family name. This is not an asset for Nanda. In the echo chamber of Hallisan's noble and selfless values the holy Frymars have convinced themselves that their brother/uncle is a disgrace to the family name.
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