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Duchy of Palbuc

The Duchy of Palbuc is the "toe" of Fumaya's sock. The Duchy borders Swynfaredia  to the south and borders Nation of Codenya to the east and north.   The province has a lot of woodlands and to some extant they have assimilated some of the neighboring wood elves cultural values. While most wood elves generally deny this, many commoners and nobles alike claim to have traces of elf blood in their veins. The locals certainly worship Korus fervently.   The land is fertile but the locals have been reluctant to cultivate the land too thoroughly, so the region is Fumaya's least populous duchy narrowly being beaten by the Duchy of Zimoz.   With so much untamed land, the duchy of Palbuc is Fumaya's best source of magical reagents and arcane magic fonts.


Feudalistic with patrimonial succession of hereditary titles.
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