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Island of the Stewards

The Island of the Stewards is an island in a lake in the interior of the Duchy of Palbuc in southeastern Fumaya.   The island was ceded to the Stewards of the Gift in perpetuity as a bishopric.   On paper, the bishopric is a direct vassal of the king of Fumaya but in practice it is more answerable to the duke of Palbuc. In most cases, the bishopric is given autonomy to manage things as they see fit.   The bishopric pays no taxes and it is not obligated to provide troops to either the king or duke. Instead the duchy sends out it's stewards to check on the health of the Fumaya's crops in every province using their magic to prevent or mitigate blights.   The Stewards operate this bishopric as a training facility for their members. Nearly all of Fumaya's Stewards were trained her. They also train some Stewards from Kingdom of Swynfaredia and the Border Baronies region . Occasionally they practice exchanges with wood elf Stewards but not often.   They focus on all aspects of priestly and theurgist training but the forte of the bishopric is teaching herbalist lore and Plant based magic.


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