Green Reverend Brynn

Green Reverend Brynn is the leader of Korus bishopric in Fumaya.   She is a Swynfaredian by birth but she spent most of her life at the Bishopric and considers herself a Fumayan now. She is outwardly apolitical but her sympathies lie with Fumaya against Swynfaredian aggression.   As a high ranking priestess of Korus, she has a much easier time entering [Codenya peacefully than almost any other human. She is trying and failing to get some kind of support from Codenya pointing out that if Swynfaredia takes over Fumaya, that Codenya will be the next most tempting target for future expansion. It’s something of a slippery slope argument but she also postulates that if Swynfaredia carves a piece from Loren’s southern lands, this will embolden Uskala to try to take a piece of their eastern lands.

Green Reverend Brynn is the most powerful Steward in Fumaaya, both politically and magically. She mostly concerns herself with training new initiates and lets Hahn handle the day-to-day affairs of the Stewards in King's Lake and the rest of Fumaya.

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