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Luceria County

Luceria County encompasses most of the northern third of Duchy of Palbuc and is the traditional personal demense of Duke of Palbuc.   It's small western border is with Duchy of Wiern, it's large northern border is with the land of Codenya and it's small eastern border is with Swynfaredian Grey Forest and it's southern border touches the other realms of the Duchy of Palbuc.

Industry & Trade

The realm has plots of cultivated farland bounded by carefully tended forests. The realm produces enough food to feed their populace, barely.   The economic driver of the County is the fruits of the forest, reagents, furs, herbs. The realm produces a lot of common timber and some carefully cultivated rare timbers such as cedar and Silverwood.


Dyzek Palbuc the Vindicator, the first Duke of Palbuc ruled the entire Duchy of Palbuc as his personal demense but he intended for his heirs to apportion the realm into smaller realms as the population expanded so he created three counties.   The northern county with his personal castle was named the Luceria County in honor of his beloved wife Luceria.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

Farmland and forests, especially forests.
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