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Duke Vern Palbuc

The seventeen year old Duke has recently inherited his father's title barely two years ago after his father died in a tragic hunting accident.   While he was only in regency less than a year, he relied on his uncle's advice very heavily even after he came of age at sixteen. Vern focused heavily on his combat training while his uncle ran the realm.   Only very recently did Vern learn that his father's "accident" was a murder orchestrated by his uncle Lord Stanislaw Palbuc, through theurgist mercenaries loosely known as the Hunting Bears. Both Stanislaw and the Bears were exposed and captured by Kormatin and his allies.   The young Duke had the legal right to execute them all, but his sent his uncle under heavy guard to be tried and executed by his liege King Henryk Linijka III .   After holding them a while, he chose to pardon bears and did so in a fairly badass manner.  
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Kormatin and his friends saw that the young Duke clearly had not slept much the night before.   “Perhaps Uncle would have preferred the witnesses to his crimes be dead, perhaps he would want them dead for ratting on him. Either way, what Uncle wants no longer applies.   Effectively, this is the true end of my regency under my uncle and my first real act of Duke. I do not want my first act of Duke to be bloody retribution for that will mark my whole reign with blood. To break the Palbuc curse I must act unconventionally."   Vern proceeded to empty the Bag of Holding by turning it inside out. Immediately the gem on Kormatin's ring changed colors indicating there were poisons in the mix of things.   The bag revealed coins and reagents, several throwing daggers, a few potions and vials and a few oddball trinkets that problem passed as momentos for a pair of shape shifting Testers. There were a few vials of potions, and a few containers of alchemist's fire.   Vern examined the reagents and named them demonstrates some knowledge of reagents.   "These were gleaned from my land, so they belong to me. But if they will help your quest, you may have them Kormatin.   He removed the survival gear and mementos, and put them in an ordinary sack. He hesitates, then puts half the daggers into a second sack.   "Kormatin, could you please hand me the enchanted buckles you gleaned from the bears."   Vern but the armor buckles into his pockets.   After an awkward pause, he asks for the gauntlets of throwing and puts them in the sack with the knives and ties it shut with redundant knots.   He returns with Kormatin and crew to the Bear’s cell. Just in case, he asks Kormatin to put a protection spell on him.   “You will live and you will go free. I am keeping most of your equipment so you do make a profit from harming my father and my land.”   He hands them the sacks and points to the tied bag, “You will not open this sack until you are off my lands”   He then hands the armor buckles to the pair personally and returns their armor.   “You may keep these. When you clasp your armor, may you remember that your protection comes from my hands and my generosity. You owe me a debt, and I will collect it someday. Leave until I summon you. We will meet again at a time ad place of my choosing.”     After the bears were gone, he addressed Kormatin and company again.   “I always wanted a Bag of Holding. Now I have a memento and never forget the bears, nor will my descendants. If those two Testers are lovers, they probably have cubs somewhere and they might be almost my age given the age of the Bears. The Palbucs will meet them again, one way or another. Perhaps my children or grandchildren will collect my debt”

Duke Vern Palbuc Stats

    Willpower 5   Dexterity 3, Strength 3, Stamina 3, Appearance 4, Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Intelligence 3, Perception 2, Wit 3   Simple Abilities: Alertness 0, Animal Ken 1, Athletics 2, Brawl 1 (+1 wrestling), Dodge 0 Empathy 2, Etiquette 1 (+1 courtly manners), Expression 1, Intimidation 2, Investigation 1, Leadership 2, Legerdemain 1, Stealth 1 (+1 forests), Subterfuge 1   Trained Abilities: Archery 3 (+1 mounted), Commerce 0, Crafts 0, Enigmas 0, Hearth Wisdom 2 (+1 forests), History 1 (+1 heroes), Medicine 0, Melee 3 (+1 whatever his ducal weapon is), Performance 0, Politics 2, Ride 3 (+1 combat), Sailing 0, Seneschal 0, Survival 3 (+1 forests), Theology 1   Rare Abilities: Use Magic Device 1   Merits: Noble, Shield Proficiency, Blind fighting, Mounted Archery
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1821 CE 17 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Korus' Zodiac Year, Hallisan's Zodiac Month
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
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